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First React DC Meetup

Being a relatively new developer, I have yet to get super involved in any specific tech community. I would consider myself a casual (and passive) observer of many communities, but not really a contributor to the conversation. Since I’ve been working with React – a JavaScript library for rendering views originally created by the engineers at Facebook – for the last few months I’m starting to feel like this may be the community where I first get heavily involved.

So imagine my excitement when I discovered the guys over at Social Tables organized a React DC meetup. I was blown away by the turnout. There were probably close to 25 people there. It was a good mix of people who were very experienced with using React and people eager to learn. Bouncing ideas off of people with different perspectives and use cases was super valuable. Work together with people long enough and your opinions tend to coalesce. Outside perspectives really reignite the creative fire.

I hope to give a talk at the meetup sometime in the near future on my experience converting a large Backbone app into React+Flux. I’ll post the slides/notes up here when that happens.

Oh and I got to walk through Chinatown, which I had never done before.


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