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Toronto: South of Our Hotel

Continuation of my and my rommates’ trip to the True North, Wild and Free (see the first day here). Our hotel in Toronto was located in roughly the center the city, so we split the sightseeing into two days: south and north. Directly south of the hotel was the somewhat rundown campus of Ryreson University.


Despite the relative ill-repair of the neighborhood, it did have a bunch of really awesome street art.


Next, on our way down to the water, we stopped into to the St. Lawrence Market. Mostly to find some Maple Syrup for Joe, because, you know, that’s what you do in Canada.


It was enormous and smelled of fresh seafood. I’d love being able to go somewhere like this to get my fresh foods every day.


And yes, we found the syrup. Lots of it.


Finally, we made it down to the water. We found an oddity: a weird man-made beach wedged between an office building and a sugar factory. “Sugar beach” as they call it. Wilson and Jin pretended we were anywhere but Canada in the fall.


After soaking in the sun, we turned back north and found something maybe even weirder. A simultaneously futuristic and rundown park that was completely abandoned. We obviously stopped for awhile to let off some steam.


We then walked east to the Distillery District. It was essentially a giant, old, shut down distillery that has been divvied up into many cool restaurants, bars, and shops. Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds.


Though we were still stuffed from a giant breakfast at Cora (across the street from our hotel), we stopped for drinks and fresh guac at El Catrin before leaving the area. The restaurant had a heated outdoor seating area, so we got to soak in the sun without freezing. Best of all worlds.


Our last notable stop of the day (before going to a bar and ordering poutine – I’ll spare you the pictures) was at the CN tower. Really incredible. The glass elevator was only a bit terrifying, but the view…


Finally, here is a picture of me standing on the glass floor in the CN tower. It’s so much scarier than it seems!


Well played, Toronto. Well played.

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