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Give RBG a Break

Not voicing an opinion is not the same as not having one.

All this hubbub over RBG’s comments on Trump just seems so…overblown. Did anybody think that RBG had no opinion on Trump’s candidacy before she stated it in an interview? Judges ascend to the Supreme Court because we believe, in spite of that fact that they have opinions and are human, that they have the ability to set them aside and look at cases through the objective lens of the law. It does us no good to pretend that they are opinion-less robots. We should evaluate their decisions on the bench knowing full well where there political leanings lie.

Now, I may be quick to defend RBG because she is a total badass and I once sat feet away from her at an Opera at the Kennedy Center, but I think there is more to it than that. Pretending to care about the “appearance” of one public office (Supreme Court Justice) while completely ignoring the “appearance” of another (President) seems like BS and totally disingenuous. Trump is an extraordinary candidate that has changed what decorum is accepted on the road towards the Presidency. RBG was just rising to the occasion.

If you wouldn’t have demanded she recuse herself from a Trump related case (god forbid a Trump v. Clinton 2016) the day before the interviews, why should she the day after? Her opinion hasn’t changed, we’re now just aware of it.

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